Allergic to hair color what can i do

How can I dye my hair if I’m allergic to hair dye?

Depending on the colour needed, there are a variety of herbs you can use for hair colouring alternatives.

  • Red hair: Try calendula, marigold, rosehip, and hibiscus to deepen the shade. …
  • Brunette/Dark hair: Rosemary, nettle, and sage are all great for dark hair.

How can I treat my hair dye allergy at home?

Topical Home Remedies For Hair Dye Allergies

  1. Honey. If you are experiencing contact dermatitis symptoms, you can use honey as a remedy. …
  2. Aloe Vera. Aloe vera gel possesses wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. …
  3. Coconut Oil. …
  4. Olive Oil. …
  5. Tea Tree Oil. …
  6. Sesame Oil.

Do hair dye allergies go away?

One of the most important points to remember is that allergy to hair dye typically doesn’t cause any symptoms at all at first. In fact, it classically takes anywhere from 2-7 days following application of the hair dye before the rash even starts. And once it’s there, it can take weeks and weeks before it goes away.

What is the best hair dye to use if you are allergic?

Since 1998, EcoColors has been consistently the best natural hair dye in performance and quality, gray hair coverage and condition of the hair after hair coloring. Many people who were allergic to PPD or suffered from a sensitive scalp after using other hair color brands do not have an allergic reaction to EcoColors.

What hair color is PPD free?

Corpore Sano Permanent Hair Color Dye(Does Not Contain:PPD, AMMONIA, RESORCINOL, PARABENS. (~ 1 Black)

What hair dye can I use if I am allergic to PPD?


  • Goldwell Color Chic (permanent)
  • Goldwell ReShade for Men (demipermanent)
  • L’Oréal Paris Excellence To-Go 10-Minute Creme Colorant (demipermanent)
  • Sanotint Light (demipermanent)
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Royal (permanent)
  • Wella Koleston Perfect (permanent dye)
  • Wella Color Charm (demipermanent)

How do I get rid of my PPD allergy?

What is the treatment of paraphenylenediamine dermatitis?

  1. Wash the hair and scalp thoroughly with a mild soap or soapless shampoo to remove the excess dye.
  2. Apply a 2% hydrogen peroxide solution or compresses of potassium permanganate in a 1:5000 dilution to completely oxidise the PPD.

Why am I allergic to hair dye all of a sudden?

Why some people are sensitive to hair dye

Many permanent and some semi-permanent hair dyes contain a chemical called paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is a known irritant and allergen. Darker coloured dyes contain higher level of PPD. PPD is the cause of most reactions to hair dye.

How long does it take for allergic reaction to hair dye?

The symptoms of hair dye allergies aren’t necessarily immediate, she said. They can occur two, three or even up to seven days after exposure to the product.

Does Benadryl help with hair dye allergy?

Use shampoos containing topical corticosteroids, such as Clobex, on your scalp. Apply hydrogen peroxide. It’s a mild antiseptic and may help calm the skin and reduce irritation and blistering. Take an oral antihistamine, such as Benadryl, to help reduce skin inflammation and itching.

How do you reduce swelling from hair dye allergy?

Natural creams or simple wet compresses of olive oil and lime may help. Steroid creams may be used to reduce inflammation with swelling and irritation in cases of stronger allergic reactions. Some over-the-counter steroid creams may work well enough to manage symptoms if they are less severe.

Does Loreal hair dye have PPD?

If you’re on the hunt for PPD-free alternative hair dyes, consider types of hair color that have a lower risk of causing reaction. Though semi-permanent hair color can still contain PPD, there are many on the market that are safe and void of PPD, like the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color.

Does Aveda hair dye have PPD?

Aveda, the face of natural hair color, seems to be the best of the traditional brands. Their plant-based dyes are “97% natural.” But to do the trick of covering your grays and sticking around after you shampoo, Aveda hair color also contains PPD and ammonia.

Is there a hair color without peroxide and ammonia?


For a semi-permanent hair color without ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, try the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color. These shades for blondes and brunette hair wash out after just a few shampoos.

Why is my scalp itchy after hair dye?

If you have an itchy scalp and a rash, you may have a condition called allergic contact dermatitis. This is common among people who dye their hair. Often the culprit is an ingredient in the dye called para-phenylenediamine (PPD), which is found in black hair dyes.

Which hair color is not allergic?

If you prefer prepackaged products, some brands, like Light Mountain Natural Hair Color, contain only botanical ingredients including henna, senna and indigo leaves. Pure henna (not mixed with PPD) is considerd to have a low allergy potential, although there have been cases.

How do you treat a chemical burn from hair dye?

If you suffer a chemical burn, the first step is to fully rinse the hair. After the dye is removed, wash your hair with baby soap or any soap without harsh chemicals or fragrance. Don’t touch the affected area or put any other products in the hair that could cause further irritation or damage, Okafor advised.

How do you know if you are having an allergic reaction to hair dye?

Hair Dye Allergy Symptoms

The hallmark symptoms of hair-dye related contact dermatitis are redness, itchiness, and rash on the face, eyelids, ears, and neck. While rashes are less common on the scalp due to the thickness of the skin, there may be a stinging or burning sensation as well as a generalized redness.

How long does an allergic reaction last?

They may take a few hours to a few days to disappear. If the exposure to the allergen continues, such as during a spring pollen season, allergic reactions may last for longer periods such as a few weeks to months. Even with adequate treatment, some allergic reactions may take two to four weeks to go away.

Can hair dye get into your bloodstream?

So through our skin or hair follicles, compounds in hair dye could get into our bloodstream. That’s potentially worrisome, because a lot of the chemicals in hair dye are known or suspected to be linked to health issues. One common precursor is paraphenylenediamine, or PPD, which is derived from petroleum.

Does Clairol hair dye contain PPD?

The brand added scalp and hair smoothers (such as aloe and coconut oil) to the formula and removed the icky stuff. What does that mean? Most importantly, it’s free from parabens, ammonia, and PPD/PTD.

Is Inoa hair color PPD free?

Utilizes activators that contain only pharmaceutical-grade peroxide, certified organic ingredients, natural extracts, and conditioning agents. Primary colors that contain absolutely no PPD’s, PTD’s, or any of their derivatives.

What is the safest hair color brand?

Herbatint is one of the safest hair dye brands that prides itself on being the most natural permanent hair coloring gel, free of ammonia and other harsh chemicals. The products are made with herbal extracts that will provide nourishment and protection to your locks and scalp.

Is ammonia free hair dye safe?

Ammonia free colouring doesn’t mean that it is organic and natural, it means that it doesn’t contain ammonia and is very safe for you and your hair. Ammonia free hair colour does not damage your hair.

Is Goldwell hair color free of PPD?

Goldwell hair color is PPD-free. While some color companies tout being chemical-free, they can’t offer you a brilliant color. Goldwell offers brilliant color and very little chemicals.

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