Color is what

What is color short answer? Q: What is color? A: Color is a perception that depends on the response of the human visual system to light and the interaction of light with objects (the stimulus, sometimes referred to as the color stimulus). What is a color simple definition? The definition of color is a component … Read more

Brown and yellow make what color

What color does yellow and brown make? Take the grey paint and add a small bit of yellow, red, and blue to it. Mix this up until you reach brown. Grey is a very neutral color, so it can mix into brown. It is best to experiment a bit to find the perfect shade. Do … Read more

Debate what color do you see

What colours can you see? As we know, the human eye has three types of cones that allow us to see a certain range of light, and, therefore, colour, on the electromagnetic spectrum—i.e., the visible light spectrum. These colours are blue, green, and red. Of course, we see much more colour than just these three. … Read more

Baby grey eyes turn what color

What color do slate GREY eyes turn? When light hits the iris at birth, it starts producing melanin and the more melanin the genes in your baby are programmed to produce, the darker the eye color becomes from what may be a nice blue or slate-gray at birth and in turn become green or hazel, … Read more

Exterior sage green house what color front door

What color door goes well with sage green house? For a Sage green house, try a blue door. Indigo Batik is an interesting color in itself, but when you combine it with the soft cool green of Sage with its gray and beige undertone, pure magic happens. What color door is good on a green … Read more